XANOXX SHIELD - New concept on fluids to prevent Electrical Malfunctions & Short Circuiting.

A unique product that water cannot remove from treated surfaces even after they have been wet.

It's highly recommended to apply this product to all electrical connections, wires, switches, lights, batteries, and electrical installations to prevent electrical failure, malfunction or short circuits due to water damage (rain, humidity, and flood situations.)

XANOXX SHIELD is not a simple dielectric or anti-corrosive product, but a permanent coating: the water itself does not remove it, and the product remains on treated surfaces for a long period of time. Because of that important property, it can also protect all metal parts and connections against corrosion. Do not touch treated surfaces before, during or after reconnection.

XANOXX is a mixture of highly refined oils with special corrosion-protection agents. The product has extreme penetration and capillary ability.

Due to its powerful hydrophobic capability, Xanoxx multipurpose push water and humidity away from all electrical connections and electrical devices by building a three-dimensional nanostructured hydrophobic network.

This water repelling film ensures the functionality of the electrical devices even when they are exposed to water.

It ensures a long and longer equipment life. Protection for manufacturing and maintenance equipment. During application, -term effect and protects all metallic, electric, and electronic devices, machines, Electric motors, computer plates, etc., against moisture, humidity, water, fog, rust, oxidation, and corrosion. Time savings, less downtime, the product does not affect other components such as rubber, plastic, and polymers.

WARNING: XANOXX SHIELD is not intended to maintain any device or installation under constant immersion in water.


NANO STONE - Hydro and Oleophobic Treatment for STONE Surfaces.
Ready-to-use, it protects smooth and permeable stone surfaces against weathering, UV rays, oil splashes, fouling, and moisture.
Protects and enhances the appearance of smooth and permeable mineral surfaces.
NANO STONE is a micron scale solvent-base formula that can be applied to all kind of smooth and permeable (porous) mineral surfaces.
Bonds exceptional well on rough stones and concrete, providing excellent resistance.

NANO WOOD - Hydro and Oleophobic Treatment for WOOD Surfaces.
is a micron scale solvent-base formula that can be applied to all kind of smooth and permeable (porous) wood surfaces.
Designed to penetrate into the structure of the wood, reduces the rate of discoloration due to oxidation.
NANO WOOD will not change the actual look of wooden surfaces, offering complete protection against water ingress and mold.

NANODUR 1K68 - Metal Surfaces Coating Anti-Corrosion Protector.
NANODUR 1K 68 is a ready-to-use clear coating gloss finish that protects smooth, impermeable surfaces against dirt, grease, weathering and corrosion.
High anti scratch resistance, which provides exceptional corrosion protection, forming a permanent barrier layer that bonds chemically with the substrate, and cures at room temperature with atmospheric humidity.
Excellent adhesion to most metal substrates.


NANOPEARL GLASS - Treatment for Glass Surfaces.
Self-cleaning effect on vertical surfaces (heavy rain). Resistant against frost, extreme heat, and UV rays.
Drastically reduces cleaning frequencies. Easy to apply, clear, and colorless.

NANO PEARL GLASS produces a two-dimensional net matrix on the surfaces, which reduces the sticking ability of grease, dirt, oil, etc., and water pearls easily roll off.

  • Easy to clean effect.
  • Chemical connection with glass particles.
  • Long lasting effect and absolutely invisible. The protected surface can be cleaned repeatedly without reapplying the product.


ANTI-GRAFFITI - Treatment for Mineral Surfaces.

NANO ANTI-GRAFFITI is a clear, ready-to-use coating that protects smooth permeable surfaces against graffiti and paint.
NANODUR 1K ANTI-GRAFFITI is particularly suitable for non-absorbent (impermeable) surfaces (metal and non-porous minerals).
The product allows easy removal by using water and detergent; no chemical cleaners required (Ex Remover Gel recommended).

1 K ANTI-GRAFFITI - Treatment for Metal Surfaces
NANODUR 1K ANTI-GRAFFITI is particularly suitable for non-absorbent (impermeable) surfaces (metal and non-porous minerals).
The product allows easy removal by using water and detergent; no chemical cleaners required (Ex Remover Gel recommended).

GRAFFITI EX REMOVER GEL – Solvent-Base Graffiti and Paint Remover.

Due to the special, non inflammable and non-dangerous components, Graffiti Ex Remover Gel will easily remove paints and graffiti from the surfaces treated with Nano Anti-Graffiti and Nanodur 1K Anti-Graffiti.
Also suitable for untreated surfaces with Nano Anti-Graffiti and Nanodur 1k Anti-Graffiti.
The special viscosity of the gel provides a long-lasting contact of the remover with the object.
The dripping from vertical surfaces will also be reduced. This provides greater efficiency and reduces the amount of material to be used.
GRAFFITI EX REMOVER GEL is supplied ready to use. Depending on the substrate, the product can be applied with microfiber applicators, paint brush or paint rollers (microfiber-flocking).

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