High Performance Nano Coatings for Industrial and Commercial Use


Long lasting Liquid Protector against water in all forms
  • No undesired stoppages in devices and installations electric systems due to water damage, even during flooding situations.
  • The product cannot be removed with water, offering a lasting protection against electrical malfunction.
  • After application, a thin layer of nano film is formed to avoid contact with metal and water, also preventing corrosion.


Corrosion tests with metal sheets:

In carrying out a corrosion test, the plates used were polished, cleaned and degreased. Then they were sprayed with different products that claim to prevent rusting. Were wetted evenly with seawater twice daily for 14 days. Corrosion development provides information on the protective effect of the different products.

XANOXX does not contain resins, Teflon, silicones, acrylics, or aromatic components.
XANOXX is fully compatible and does not affect plastics, glass, paints, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, rubber, ceramics, brass, varnishes and does not affect nor damage motor windings or other components.
XANOXX is not affected by surfactants, but when needed it is easy to remove with alcohol, brake fluids or cleaning sinker.
XANOXX is resistant to a good temperature range, and remains effective from -20 to 130°C.
XANOXX is not soluble in water and does not emulsify.

Water Displacement:
100% of water displacement in 10 seconds. Testing from the international organization DEKRA has confirmed that XANOXX is clearly superior to other products used for water displacement (multipurpose oils, contact sprays, etc.), due to its hydrophobic and water pearling properties.

Corrosion Protection:

DIN 5002 / DIN EN 1020-3.1. Test plaques with consistent salt water spraying (5 cycles of 24 hours) with no corrosion results in treated plates.


Unwanted electric current occurring in cases of insufficient insulation and flow along the surface. We avoid the product because of these dangerous leaks that transmits an equivalent resistance of 28 TΩ
Dielectric Rigidness:
Immediately after spraying: 163 KV / cm
1 hour after spraying 208 KV / cm
100 hours after application of the 256 KV / cm

Comparison values:
Issue: 33 KV / cm
Insulating oil: 120 KV / cm
Glass: 140 KV / cm  
Porcelain: 200 KV / cm

Dielectric strength:
Increases after application; this is due to the evaporation of volatile components. The proportion of this is 37%.

Physical and chemical properties:
Color: greenish brown
Ignition temperature :> 250 °C
Minimum explosion limit: 0.6 Vol%.
Maximum explosion limit: 10.9% Vol.
Solubility / miscibility in water: Insoluble
Density at 20 °C: 0.6 g / ml
High capacity permeation. It contains polycyclic chlorinated hydrocarbons or fluorocarbons.


No short-circuiting or electrical failure XANOXX demonstration.

WARNING: This video is for demonstration purposes only, by the Cleancorp USA team. Do not touch treated surfaces before or after reconnection.
XANOXX protects metal parts ONLY. Serious injuries may occur.

No corrosion procedures XANOXX demonstration (salt water).

is insoluble in water, which makes the treated product to become resistant to commonly used surfactants. And it stays on the treated surfaces for a long time.

Note: These two concepts differentiate Xanoxx from any other product in the industry worldwide. XANOXX is unique.

XANOXX is the only world-wide nano coating protector with the ability to stay on the treated metal surfaces even when exposed to water contact. XANOXX will also ensure the electrical conductivities under water (as it happens in case of flooding.)


Moisture is a frequently underestimated problem, and no equipment is immune against it. Damages repair due to moisture costs hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The Fraunhofer Research Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials (IFAM) in Germany, estimates annual economic damages in EU countries and the USA to be 4% of the Gross National Product (GNP), only due to corrosion. About 80 percent of all serious system failures that require an electrician are caused by moisture problems.

XANOXX is a product that has been proven to effectively and economically protect metal, mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, devices, machines and installations against all types of moisture.

  • Protects metal, mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment and mechanisms from exposure to all forms of water: steam, humidity, water condensation, fog, rain, chlorinated and salt water.
  • Protects against breakdowns due to insulation breaches.
  • Protects against the corrosion of machinery moving parts.
  • Prevents short circuits and contact frostbite.
  • Prevents oxidation, mold and mildew build up on electrical contacts.
  • Eliminates and prevents squeaks.
  • Cleans and protects electrical contacts from dust and dirt.
  • Improves insulation resistance and prevents leakage of surface current.
  • Frees rusted, jammed mechanisms, machinery parts, bolts and nuts.
  • Returns mobility to rusted parts.
  • Ensures the start-up of electrical equipment in wet conditions.
  • Restores, preserves, and improves the insulation performance of electrical equipments in wet environments.
  • Restores electrical components and devices affected by moisture (oxidation, corrosion).
  • Prevents freezing of moving mechanisms (locks, hinges, fasteners, etc.) at -80°C.

XANOXX may be used whenever:

  • Moisture, damp, humidity, condensation and flooding can cause or has already caused malfunctions and/or damage to metal.
  • Electric and electronic components and systems are to be protected from humidity and the damage it causes.
  • Electrical wires, contacts, electric motors, ignition-systems, windings, fuses, switch-appliances and switches, junction boxes and signal-installations need moisture protection or insulation.
  • Ignition problems are to be reduced, current leaks suppressed, electric contacts restored and/or malfunctions corrected.

Our Technical Department is available to answer your questions about  performance, use and chemical specifications.

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