High Performance Nano Coatings for Industrial and Commercial Use


  • Produces a two-dimensional net matrix on the surface which reduces the sticking ability of grease, dirt, oil, etc., and water pearls roll off.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Chemical connection with glass particles.
  • Long lasting effects and absolutely invisible. The surface protected can be cleaned repeatedly without reapplying the product.

An alcohol based complete formula that generates an anti-stick and a hydro and oleo phobic easy-to-clean effect on glass surfaces like boats and cars windshields, windows and glass walls.

Once applied (by spraying or rubbing), it produces a two-dimensional matrix net on the surface reducing the sticking ability of grease, dirt, oil, etc. and water pearls roll off. 

After the application, the coated surfaces can easily be cleaned.

An alcohol based complete formula that generates an anti-stick and a hydro and oleo phobic easy-to-clean effect on solar panels and glass.

Due to its consistence when applied on solar panels, it provides extra protection against UV rays, dirt, dust and moisture, reducing costly downtime due to maintenance from once a month to just once every 3 months.

Studies confirm that electricity production grows between 1.5% to 2% annually after application.

CCTV Lens can also be protected against dirt, dust and moisture, reducing costly downtime due to maintenance from once a week to once every 6 weeks. 

Material data: 
Basis: combination of silicon-free Siloxan resins
Look: transparent liquid
PH-Value: 4.5
Active agent: 0.5 Gew. %
Viscosity: (DIN 53211) 49 Sec.
Thinning: Ready to use formula
Application: 5-15 ml/m2 (depending on surface/application)
Handling: MSDS
Storage: min. 6 Months (Storage temp. +5°C / +25°C. Store in dark and frost resistant areas)

Application Instructions: 

  • Wear gloves and a mask when using NANOPEARL GLASS.
  • Keep away from open flame and make sure there is good ventilation.
  • Do not apply in the sun! Apply in the evening, night time or during cloudy days.
  • Apply in four steps: 1. Pre-Cleaning 2. Application 3. Drying 4. Cleaning 
  1. Pre-Cleaning: Make sure the surface is free of grease, dust, water, etc. (use alcohol, basic or acid cleaners). The surface has to be dry. Then, polish the surface with NANO PRECLEAN to optimize the following application. Clean the surface with alcohol or water to remove the NANO PRECLEAN
  2. Application: After cleaning, NANOPEARL WINDSCREEN is applied by spraying (5-15 ml/m2) or by rubbing on. Make sure that the whole surface is getting in contact with the product. Rub the material on in circles and make sure not to leave small drops of liquid on the surface. If spraying, just apply in small areas.
  3. Drying: The coated surface has to be allowed to dry for 30 – 60 min. at room temperature. 
  4. Cleaning: The coated surface has to be polished with a tissue (or wiped off with NANO UNICLEAN) after drying to remove the remaining sealants.


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