High Performance Nano Coatings for Industrial and Commercial Use


Solvents based high performance metal parts degreaser

A mixture of special solvents and cleaning components which provides an effective removal of dirt, grease, oil, glue, combustion residues and other substances from metal parts.

Due to the special, non-flammable and non-dangerous components, NANOCLEANER LIQUID will easily remove stickers and glue residues on the surfaces.

Designed for application on BIGGER AREAS. The use of a brush or spraying is recommended. Before using, make a test on a small area to make sure the material will not be affected.


It has solid soapy components to improve better coupling and less slippage from top to bottom on surfaces.

NANOCLEANER GEL is specially designed for SMALL AREAS including rims, and cars and boats engine blocks. Before using, make a test on a small area to make sure the material will not be negatively affected.

Due to its soapy properties, NANOCLEANER GEL is specifically recommended to remove graffiti from marble and granite walls, preferably in areas where NANODUR ANTI GRAFITTI has been applied before.

Application Instructions: 

  • NANOCLEANER DEGREASERS should be applied from bottom to top on the surface to be cleaned and allowed to penetrate up to 30 min to reach hidden layer areas of the residues. 
  • Do not let dry. In case of drying, please re-apply to keep the surface wet. Then clean loose dirt with a brush or high pressure cleaner. In case of remaining residues, please repeat application several times to reach deeper areas. After using, clean tools with water.
  • Use NANO CLEANER DEGREASERS with gloves and protective painting goggles. Please use only in well ventilated areas. Do not apply in direct sun. Apply by spraying, dipping or brushing.

Our Technical Department is available to answer your questions about  performance, use and chemical specifications.

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